Greetings readers, you're looking at a page that gives a brief description about this blog. This will be very brief, I hope you take a little time to read it.

This blog is a personal blog that are within the responsibility of my slanted wings, 106. The content in it is entirely my responsibility, unless stated differently.

If you find the exact same writings outside of this blog who are not showing on my credit as the author, please contact pleased me, because the writing however remains my responsibility.

As a blogger I am happy to share the various topics surrounding the sports car in writing that I had made in the form of tutorials. This blog is present as a means of learning and sharing between our fellow bloggers, especially in Indonesia.

Beginning of the Lamborghini Sports Car was born because knowing that the people surrounding me still having trouble wanting to terjung into the blogging world.

One by one the questions asked, giving me the idea to write it down in a blog to reach out to other users also. All content on this blog is the personal writings with a variety of research that has been done.

If you have a complaint about the blog and its settings such as what is described in any of my writing, please carefully applied. I would love to help answer the problems surrounding your blog according to the topic of the writing, but does not guarantee that my answer worth made reference.

I did not write for the purpose of academic specialized, but I also do not prohibit my writings cited in the papers-academic papers, thesis, scientific papers and so on to fit the tupoksinya.

If only limited discussion, then the writing and tutorial I can use, and I am open to input, opinions and criticism that can build we are all getting better again.

I hope you like what you find here and become its own benefits. If you have further questions about writing that is here, please use the comments field or the contact page. And convenience together, please keep politeness in communicating.

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