lamborghini zero to 60

lamborghini zero to 60

we've performed instrumented testingon the porsche 918 spyder we've done the same with the mclaren p1 now while i drove the la ferrari nearly a year ago it eluded our data loggers ever since until today we're back in italy because ferrari invited us here to testthis car on this episode of ignition finally we get to answer the questionhow fast is the la ferrari

before we get started let's have a lookat the things that make the la ferrari so special the la ferrari is a larger car it'slonger and wider than the p1 in the 918 it actually shares length and wheelbase with the ferrari enzo but shorter inheight and all those cars they have to appreciate this for thefeast and visual details on this car my favorite is this black gap between the bodypanels that goes all around the car invokes memories of all the great ferraris your 288 gto your

f40 your f50 and so on a lot of the details are the work of aero dynamictesting and this car has active aero dynamic you can'tsee when the cars parked are not active but this wing right here comes out thisflap so they'll hear they moved their flaps on the bottom in the car front that moved as well their all electronically controlled and adjustaccordingly to what the car doing giving you more downforce braking zones andmore downforce in the corners

but then going back in so you can accelerate harder as if you really need to becausewith 950 horsepower combined the la ferrariis one of the most powerful production carsin the world you have the v12 from the f12 berlinetta of course this one makes more power they'vetune in for higher rpm response than they've also put on an electricmotor that gives it more low rpm power instantaneousthrottle response and the result is just power everywherebut with a wonderful sound from a

naturally aspirated v 12 and one of the first things you notice whenyou hop in the la ferrari is this massive cut in the roof here that makes getting in and out of the carreally easy when you shut the door you get a satisfying sound and feel as the rest are rocks now in front of you you have this big digitaldisplay it's mulit configurable it's really easy to see

and behind that you have thisinteresting steering wheel all the controls right in the face it's a really nice thing to hold ontobecause the material in the shade makes it really easy to toss the car around when you reach around the seat you realizethere's no way to adjusted the seat as bolted right to the carbon fiber tub andferrari actually mold the seat around people who buy this car they canalso get their name right on this plaque here on the steeringwheel the wheel adjust has a large range

adjustment and so the paddles to make the seatingposition easy it's a pretty aggressive seatingposition to my legs are almost flat and i'm leaning pretty far back this ismore aggressive than what you're getting an enzo the rest of the interior is prettybusiness-like its carbon fiber and carbon fiber we have the launch controlled button right here they'll make go use out of later and without further ado

that a good sound that a good sound alright here's how you do a launchcontrol run in a ferrari la ferrari stability control off or esc off manual mode left foot planted on thebreak right foot ready for the gas i'm gonnahit the launch button go full throttle and then release thebrake so first run out of the box is a 996 at a 148 miles an hour good lord

so 996 on it's first run that's uncorrected so we'll have to apply weather correctionfor that geez thats fast launch mode is activated and away we go that is absolutely terrific thats another 996 at 148so two excel runs in the bag so far both of them 996 at a 148 launch

and that's another 996 at 148 i think this car is going to do another 996 at 148every single time once he had roll out whether correctionthat'll probably be in the high 9s that's incredible performance from a street car acceleration is in demand some horse i a merry men drama in the tires verylittle drama sneering made sense really the excessive allthat's needed mcmartin is happening of brilliant really mast bout i'm feel no problems now whenwalking over to check the laptop no

i'm definitely going way too hard in theterm one over here on a lot that is what you mean reward and duffield excellent that feels anexcellent boo after applying our standard 14 roll outand whether correction the acceleration results more i 0:16 complete four seconds matching theporsche 918 ellen 9.7 seconds at a hundred

fire was an hour that two tenths faster thanthe clear in p1 i'm you celery 10 seconds tend to the second slower p1 in per the data the law ferrari polls a1gaverage from zero to sixty five miles an

hour line let's get a better understanding of howfast these hybrid hypercar this is the acceleration a gtr nismo which doesn't let the second quartermile this is a porsche 918 on this is in the clear in p1 me and this is the law ferrari a despite routing the most power throughto driven wheels: the lottery displays the fastest and herthis morning

shown in gap until the fire miles an hour the p1 surges just ahead of the lawferrari at a hundred miles in indicating a stronger top bed this islikely the result of a cleaner air in a min profile afforded by the lower ride height racemotor night with the least horsepower and the mostweight the 918 is the slowest up the three the company must be and when the slowestcar

does a 10 second quarter mile yes for are you to settle at spearheaded development tractor theofficial long thing here is a 119 points 7 and i've driven here maybe twice for atotal of around 12 laps mister me it

on her and your on the her there was no chance in gettingclose to ferrari's official time but getting within two seconds withoutmuch practice speaks to the law for ari's greatest strength that a car so preposterously capable andpowerful so expensive and exclusive and sotechnologically advanced could be so easy to drive faster i'm

but on is the law for are the quickestproduction car and motor trend history the night fear i was downhill from strength is theonly place we were allowed to test contract please wouldn't let us runbackwards for 2 a.m. on basses quarter mile run declined my do mister finish 41 percent national hot rod association forreference allows a one percent maximum grade over the course of a quarter mile

means gastric slaughter are as resultuntil we can test a car on level ground them till then years with a three-way drag race looklike between the lines ferrari p1 and 918 on ok do done with in on the one more break run but they'recalling me back into the pits

whereby did something wrong well i mighthelp no cuz it's lunchtime call me back andthe kids cuz it's lunchtime government to try to do anything italyand much i i must observe an hour break and lunchtime in italy morales government you might be more stuff donei

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