lamborghini yellow price

lamborghini yellow price

this is the huracan lamborghini's smallest supercar and we went to penbay circuit in taiwan to try huracan's new variant while on the outgoing model, the 5.2l v10 engine delivers its power to all 4 wheels now only to the rear, which will make it more thrilling we straightly jumped into the cockpit ok, now i'm inside i switched it to corsa mode, and can't wait to hear its v10 roaring

sorry wrong file! we meant this... nothing changed inside with the best cabin materials and design but the signal button seems like taken from motorcycle actually i'm not allowed to turn off the esc but let's turn it off it's good to know lamborghini still uses n/a configuration for the mid-mounted v10 engine

so it will sound fantastic while delivering power to the rear wheels with 4wd configuration actually lamborghini is very grippy and has fantastic handling some people think it handles rather too safe for a lamborghini not as mental as a lamborghini should be that's why they started to make 2wd version of their cars gallardo

the car it replaced needed 6 years before the 2wd version finally arrived while in the huracan they straightly made the 2wd version yeah, it feels so balance no more understeer like the 4wd huracan this car has 30 hp less power compare to its brother but still that's huge

so i used the first lap to adapt and after that i have the courage to hit the throttle... ...deeper wow, the power is really... even though it lacks 30 hp from the normal huracan but it still feels so powerful and... ...with the reduction in weight i think this car will be just as fast as the 4wd version

with a race car-like 7-speed dual-clutch gearbox i became more and more confident until one point... when i forgot that i had turned off the esc yup, almost spun let's take a look at the slow motion and this is my scared face with a noticeable heartbeat and wondered if that happens on a public road

and just after the slide i was instructed not to turn off the esc so i slowed down luckily, the instructor knew we can drive well he promised to be faster on the next session while waiting this session ended i enjoyed the beautifully made huracan cabin starting from the seats instrument panel

dashboard and its center console now we were changing the car and a red huracan was prepared for us i asked a question to lamborghini why they need to reduce the power from 610 hp to 580 hp they answered that they're not sure that 610 hp can be delivered just to the rear wheels they assumed that 580 hp is the maximum...

...this car can handle to ensure safety they might be right because on average, the lamborghini owners... ...just... ...wanna speed, without.. ...knowing what this car can do to them that's why they reduced the power. but don't worry if you buy one of this

and want the power to be just the same as the 4wd version just go to the authorized workshop they can set the power to 610 hp because it's only the matter of engine management unit after quite a time driving this car i realised that you need to concentrate fully to drive this beast and when you're really focus then you can smile when driven hard

it turned out that this car still has understeer but quickly turns into oversteer when you press the throttle i can say that this is more intuitive to drive than its 4wd sibbling it feels so balance now we will go even faster in the yellow huracan and now i was really sucked in the joy of driving the guy in front of me is a professional chinese racer and pushed the car to the max

i had to work hard to keep up with him all i can say this is the most enjoyable lamborghini you're just never get bored with 33 kgs less weight, this car is still very fast 0-100 km/h will be completed in just 3,4 seconds only 0,2 seconds slower than its brother hit throttle all the way and you will reach the top speed at about 320 km/h

but even though it's fun it still needs maturity in terms of mind and driving skill just look what this car did to me when i lost my patient just a little bit lamborghini jakarta will import this car by mid 2016 with a price range of 600-700 thousand usd slightly below the 4wd variant but if that's not enough to drain your bank accounts you can have a go at the ad personam programme

in which you can customize the colour and materials of almost every parts of the car still not expensive enough? just throw the money at lamborghini's original accesories and merchandises but if those don't atrract you the car itself is already magnificent if there's a saying "less is more" this is the car it has less power, less driven wheels

price is also lower but the fun it gives... is just mind blowing so that was our verdict on huracan 2wd don't forget to click 'like' if you enjoy this video share it to your friends 'subscribe' if you haven't and leave your comments thank you for watching

see you on our next reviews

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