lamborghini yellow and black

lamborghini yellow and black

what's up guys? today i'm gonna suprise people as an uber driver. my uber profile is a guy called ming and i'm gonna drive a prius. let's go surprise people, shall we? ok. did you call uber? yeah i'm your uber driver. im batman nice to meet you!

is this for real? i was expecting a prius well, this is my prius. i don't think anyone is gonna believe me! i'm your uber driver i'm getting close where are you at exactly i'm at the starbucks okay, i will be there in just a minute.

excuse me? did you call uber? get in, i am your driver! seriously?! is it fine if i just like squish your like. yeah, it's fine, you can see whatever you want. hey nice to meet you. i'm at panera bread

oh yeah i see it hold on i'm coming just come outside alright, sky. umm yeah, i was looking for a prius. i'm your uber driver! this is so crazy! have you been in a lamborghini before. it's my first time is there any guns installed?

yeah, right here! that's my gun. do you even lift bro? i obviously don't! 1,2,3 oh my god guys, you will not believe who my uber was today! batman, and i'm in a lamborghini listen to your mom, don't do drugs. i gotta roll down the window real quick.

cause i just farted. oh my god, eww. feel better? yeah, yeah. my passion is more for like dance ohh dancing? you pass it to me and then go back to you he is a success. batman uber driver. alright, you ready?

#anotherone you okay? did you pee yourself? is it wet? ooh, i am about to! have a good day! you too! i hope you get a lot of customers. alright, thank you! make sure you give me 5 stars, yeah? 5 stars.

thank you guys so much for watching. make sure to check the description box to get a free uber ride. follow me on snapchat and instagram. i'll talk to you guys later.

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