lamborghini years

lamborghini years

hey guys how's it going extreme trendshere and today we're gonna be counting down the top 10 most extreme youtubesupercars of 2016 but before we get today's video make sure you subscribe tothe channel and turn on notifications for more extreme videos and commenthashtag youtube supercars to let me know you have to subscribe and also subscribeback to every single one of you so in no particular order coming in atnumber 10 we have the sexiest looking wraps on the planet and the host ofdrama ler kelly keys are killing keemstar recently purchased a verynice-looking 2016 called that said is 0-6 convertible which retails for around70,000 pounds which is definitely my

favorite car after the 10 and prettycool stuff in the mix in the legacy we're going to recommend any kids legacy ways and number nine we have thecaptain of the fairies captainsparklez captainsparklez owns a couple ofextremely late cars bentley continental gt which starts the price of one hundredand sixty-eight thousand pounds and he also owns one of the 500 extremely raremclaren 675 lt which costs around 260 thousand pounds is honestly quite insanethat he owns both of these cars from ultimately playing minecraft everysingle day but now before we get into the number-8 spot you made it thesefines of the video you are the real mvp

and let me know that you are the mvp bydropping a like on this video so we can reach an extreme goal of 150 likes so coming in at number eight we have theonly blogging channel on this list which is mo blogs motovlogs has over 1.5million subscribers and is extremely wealthy youtuber who owned severalsupercars including two lamborghinis a ferrari and nissan gtr and the most timenobody really knows how we accumulated all of these wealthy hasn't disclosed ityet but we do know is that little scars a very much the no7 typicalgamer typicalgamer isn't your everyday gamer like his name suggests because he has a gamingchannel with over 3.4 million

subscribers and over the lamborghinihuracan which you purchase for 180,000 pounds now the craziest thing about thisstory is that he put out a tweet saying he would purchase the lamborghini if hereached 10,000 retweet which of course he completely smashed and i think heknew before putting out a tweet that you instantly reach 10,000 reaching if hesaid he was going to buy a supercar the number stakes sexy sexy snap or snipeoff is a call of duty to youtube who rose insane when she showed thattwelve-year-old boys were the only people who could kick ass in cooler doto not only she probably this sexy sniper your meet on the battlefield butshe also owns the red corvette stingray

2014 costing approximately 62,000 poundsin a number five we have a pure path fuse is usually very secretive about theprivate life to ensure he gets the least amount of harassment as possible however recently revealed his supercarwhich is the very nice a greenness and the retailsfor over 400,000 pounds and he's definitely worth it then i feel like nowit's my turn to show off my sweet new ride let's go like my rack ok now obviously he was joking howeverif the video thumbnail is correct and

not click late then pewdiepie was a ciglooking at red ferrari for number four we have a nature a protocol jutsu playerwho has won many call of duty championships and is one of the originaloptic clan members when his youtube channel started to gain a substantialamount of followers he bought himself a bmw i8 the 2015 model costs over 100,000pounds and he's insanely good-looking and number three we have a guy who'sreally going through those three channels that collectively equal over 6million subscribers pretty insane right well he's youtube career made an able topurchase his dream car a black aston martin v8 vantage which costs a whopping120,000 pounds finally taking the number

one spot we have a world to shop nowhe's one of the many 50 youtubers including ksi who became successful orblowing insane pack openings with crazy reaction we get along again fake heartno order 101 bad my god all watch not yeah yeah i deliver today i walk my talki don't know where the game i've got a flare ah ha only after a fewyears was able to purchase himself a lamborghini gallardo the 50thanniversary edition which has an estimated cost of 140,000 pounds so thathas been the top 10 most expensive youtuber supercars of 2016

top 10 most extreme youtuber supercars of 2016 make sure you leaveyour opinions in the comments section down below who should have included also make sure you go check out my latestvideo where i go over the top ten facts you will not know about the syndicate project but anyway thank you very much watching and i'll catch you guys later in the next video

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